I have a Wireless-G Broadband Card for my Desktop. The card is made by Belkin and connects to a router through DHCP.

My problem: When I first installed Debian through the "Netinstall", the installation tried to detect DHCP but could not configure itself through that method. I found that strange but continued to configure it manually. I set it up, the installation moved on. It installed the core system, GRUB, and booted just fine. I get into the next part where I have to connect to apt via "http/ftp/cd-rom/etc.." I select the "http" method. It asks me for a mirror and I select one. Then it asks for a proxy. Here is where my true problem lies...I was able to install the "Core Debian System", yet when I get to connecting to apt to finish the installation, it asks for a proxy. If I enter "no proxy" a.k.a "enter key" it is unable to connect. I'm sure there is some proxy I need to enter. Any ideas? (Also, when Debian is booting up, it shows "no link:eth0"-strange eh?)