Hi Guys,

First of all im new to Linux(Debian) and im still threading the waters. I hope you could help me with this. Im using apache 1.3.36 and trying to install virtual host. Before i installed virtual host my apache was still working.
Here's the error when i boot-up:
Processing config file: /www/conf/vhosts/test.com.conf
/www/bin/apachectl startssl: httpd could not be started
What i did to creat virtual host:
1. created /www/conf/vhosts
2. modify httpd.conf to include at the end of the script: include conf/vhosts
3. edited NameVirtualHost *
4. Created a separate file: test.com.conf for my hosts.
5. I added test.com with an ipadd to my hosts file at /etc/hosts
6. I created directories for VirtualHost:
7. I created users and asigned permissions:
chown -R someuser.somegroup /home/test.com/
8. added to /etc/init.d/rc: /www/bin/apachectl startssl

thanks in advance