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Full Version: Ubuntu Problems...
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Hi ive just installed linux on my computer and have fallen in love with it instantly, except for the following:

1. Music that sounds fine in w*****s XP souns naff in linux (and wma's dont even play!)
2. Drive partitioned, 1 for linux, 1 for w*****s, and some swap space. Linux reads its partition (e) but w*****s partition © isn't on desktop. W*****s cant see linux's partition.
3. Not the fogyest on how to uninstall/install anythinf w.s.e.
4. Screen resolution HUGE and not all suported modes are displayed in list (under system/preferences/screen resolution)
5. 2. doesnt matter if the answer to this question is yes. If i put a new 250GB HD in (1 in atm is only big enough for w** and linux anyway), will both OS's see it and write/read to it in harmony (i use w** for dreamweaver and fireworks and fash)

Sorry if I confused you!

Help apreciated!

p.s. W*****s has been reinstalled here so many times now that it has now become a swear word, hense the ***.
There's no need to commend out 'Windows'

I'm sorry, 'naff'? I'm not familar with this term. Do you mean that the quality of the sound is poor, or that no sound plays?

Window's cannot see the linux partition by default because it does not understand ext3 and the like.

Using this program will help you.

What resolutions would you like to add? It's fairly easy to do so; run gedit as root (sudo su) and exit /etc/X11/xorg.conf (find the resolutions section, and add some)

Linux can no doubt mount the NTFS drive; you'll just have to do it manually (or add it to fstab so it does it on boot).

mkdir /media/windows
mount /dev/hd_# /media/windows

To install/uninstall applications, run 'synaptic' under 'System' - 'Administration'
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