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Full Version: can't run new programs!
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Hey, this is my first experience with Linux so forgive me for my basic question. But it is still really bugging me and I think I ought to already know how to solve it. I have Linux LE, and have installed a few programs. When I attempt to run the progrum, Kwrite comes up, showing me the coding that makes up the program, instead of letting me actually run it.

What am I supposed to do?

thanks in advance

Not sure what is distribution linux le, Mandriva?

What is the program you are trying to run?

In a console window try the following command
ls -l /path_to/program_name

Change /path_to/program_name to the actual location/filename of this program.
Sorry for my vagueness before, yes I'm on Mandriva LE, the one released in 05. I played with the console a bit but it did not help really.

I was trying to run BitTorrent, but I have also tried to run firefox, opera, and a few other things all with similar results. Instead of running the file, a program, KWrite will come up and look at the coding of the file and provide me with all these great options for playing with the code, as if that was what I wanted to do. Basically what I want is for KWrite to NOT open these files, but for them to just run.

But programs that came installed with Mandriva, like the old version of firefox, kbear, etc. etc. are running fine.

Thanks very much for the help.

The program you have is probably just an interpreted script for something like Python, not a compiled "program" in the true sense. Generally, to run these you need to use the interpreter for which they were written. Normally they come with a shell script that does all the for you though.

It is also possible that you downloaded the source code for the programs, and need to compile it into actual programs. In which case there is probably a file called "INSTALL" (or similar) which documents what you need to do.

If you can provide a link to the file that you downloaded, we will be able to get a better of idea of what you actually have.

Since the majority of Linux software is open source, it is distributed in source code format. This means you have to compile it. It sounds like this is what is going on. You are seeing the human readable source code.

There is usually a "README" or "INSTALL" file with source code distributions. You can also try issuing the following commands while in the directory of the source files:

make install

Does this help?
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