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Full Version: splitting a file to save it on floppy disks
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I need a file on a corrupted Windows installation, which is about 8 MB. The PC is so old it only has a floppy drive and a CD-ROM. So I thought I start a Linux from CD-ROM and copy the file to several floppys. Is that possible? Can someone tell me what to do?
tar cvzf backup.tar.gz /path/to/whatever
split -b 1440k backup.tar.gz backup-split

Is there any reason you don't use a live CD, and then sftp to transfer the backup.tar.gz?
Thank you very much!
I have already split the file as you showed me and I can copy the pieces to floppy disks. And I'm close to putting them together again. Is cat the right program for that?
You asked, why I don't sftp the backup.tar.gz - it's because the computer is not online.

I am really thankful for your help, because I'm a complete newbie to Linux!

Have a nice day
Good question! xD

This should work:

move all those files into one folder, and try the following:

tar xvzf *
Hi, thanks for your patience!
If I do as you told me (move all the split files into one directory and then tar xvzf *) I get an unexpected end of file from both gzip and tar. And tar quits.

nice greetings
If you used the split command then use the cat command to add the peices back togther.
that worked
thx a lot!
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