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Full Version: Transfering files from windows to Linux.
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I have linux (Suse 10.1, 86_64) on one harddrive and windows on a seperate hardrive on the same computer. I mounted the windows drive and went to the folder with the music I want to transfer to my linux drive and right clicked and selected copy to home. But the music doesn't play when I try to open them in amaroK or realplayer. Is there a special way to transfer them? Thanks for any help in advance!
What format is the mucin in? Suse cant play MP3 or WMA by default, so you'll need to install the support.

Oh. Its in .mp3. I'm trying to copy some stuff mainly music and the torrents for the music over to linux so i can seed them on linux but it trys to redownload the music instead of just seeding them and I think I'm pointing Azureus at where the completed music is but still no luck. Where would I get the support for mp3 and wma?
hmmm - Not sure (I'm not a Suse user)

Thanks! Any ideas about getting the torrents of the files to seed without redownloading?
Depending on the client, just make sure you 'redownload' to the same place as you did last time.

It won't download, it will just 'check' the file, and start seeding.
Hmm I installed the win32 codecs and also the xine rpm. but amarok is still saying it cant play .mp3. My software updater keeps saying i have 5 new software updates i need after adding the packman repository but when i try to update it says "Dependency Resolution Failed". Whenever I try installin Mplayer with yast it says "There are no installable providers of for Mplayer-1.0pre7try3-5.x86_64[" Sorry to cause so much trouble :-
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