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Full Version: Maya 7 and Suse 10.1 installation problem
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ive got almost everything working and the only i need to install is Maya 7 on Suse

the instructions seem pretty straight forward but i guess im just not getting are the instructions and see if you can help me out
To install this software, you can use the 'rpm' program or the UI-based 'gnorpm' program. The instructions in this readme file use 'rpm'.

For Example, to install all the required software using the 'rpm' program on a host that will not be a license server, from a root shell type:

rpm -i AWCommon-6.3-1.i686.rpm
------------------------------------------- i copied the two rpm's to my hardrive and did the first part....ok, it said awcommon is installed

then i tried running the second rpm through Konsole and i get a "command not found"

when i tried running the rpm's directly and not through Konsole i get this error:

ERROR : following packages havent been found on the medium: maya7_0

if you have installed maya on linux, please help me out...i need this for school laugh.gif
Did you run the following commands?

rpm -i AWCommon-6.3-1.i686.rpm

You need to 'rpm -i Maya-7.0*.rpm', not just run 'Maya-whatever'.

You should be able to run your program after that.
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