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Full Version: quick question regarding viewing jpgs in linux
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ive had trouble viewing certain jpgs in suse 10.1

when i load a jpg it opens up in Konqueror...some of them i can see while others dont.

is there something i need to download and/or install to be able to view all jpgs?
Eye of GNOME (eog) is one I really like.
intalled Eye and when i load up some of the jpg's they still wont show up

but when a friend posted them on line, i could view them...just not offline when theyre downloaded on the harddrive
Can you post some links to these images that are not working?
i cant find the links to the images....but i tried uploading them to photobucket and imageshack and it wont allow me.

which is weird cause the images come from two different people

when i try to load them in EoG, the program loads, then turns off
Chances are both images were corrupted, then
but they worked for the 2 people and they worked when they were posted online.

the images were sent over there something in linux that doesnt allow files to be sent through messangers when the user is not in root?
No - More likely that Kopete got the protocol implementation slightly wrong. Jpeg support in Linux is not a new thing, and is pretty well tested - So I am leaning to the "they're corrupted" explanation. Try downloading them again, or even try saving them to a disk/cd and opening them on another computer.

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