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Full Version: linux trio / what order??
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after working with live-knoppix (with an hd-image) for a while, I would like to try a real hard disk linux-install.

since it's hard to choose between knoppix, suse and kubuntu (all having new main releases these days) I was hoping to just install them all on my primary IDE-hd (320 GB) and compare them on the fly.
[I can boot W-xp-PRO-SP1 from a SATA-hd (sda, for compatibilty with M$-users, but with the networkcable DISconnected)]

so, is there a preferred order for the distros to go about this??
how can I create a partition to xfer data from linux (1,2,3) to windows (and perhaps v.v.)??
or should I just pop in one of the DVDs and install??
pop in another and install??
pop in the last one and install??

all help is greatly appreciated,

thx, ben
FAT32 is best if you want to share files between windows and linux.

You *can* write to NTFS (like you can in Knoppix) using captive, but this can be difficult for new users to do.

No order should be needed; they will all update GRUB. Just make sure to share a /home directory, to conserve space! smile.gif

some more (if you all don't mind?)

1. sharing /home is a good idea (320 GB is BIG, but will no doubt fill up. btw I still have a working 3.2 GB hd from oct. 1997, which cost me quite a bit, how about exactly double, more then.)

the PC has 1 GB of RAM.
I probably do need /swap anyway.
if so, how big & can/should this be shared too??

2. the IDE-disk is still new and unused (unpartioned & unformatted)!
can any of the distros (kn, su, ub) create FAT32 or should I fomat this partition later from W-xp??

Generally, they say you should ahve twice as much swap as you have RAM, but IMO 1GB should be more than enough. If you leave some unpartitioned space at the end of the drive and you an always add new partitions later.

Most distros can make FAT32 partitions using the standard mkfs tool so it shouldnt be a problem (might need to install the dosfs-utils if they arent there by default though)
Swap is useful, even with 1GB of ram, if you're using a heavy WM like KDE or Gnome. =) (I have 2GB of ram, with only 89mb free ATM!)

All distros can share swap, so that's not a problem.

mkfs.vfat /dev/hd(whatever) will let both linux and windows see the partition. smile.gif
thx again

so I guess .5 - 2 GB of shared /swap will certainly do (with approx. 300 to go, I suppose I could set aside 2).

I'll be trying KDE as a WM first (thx to knoppix. evt. going to Gnome isn't a problem on Suse or with Ubuntu or Gnoppix, so I'm covered anyway).

I suppose "mkfs.vfat /dev/hd(whatever)" is one of those (in-)famous commandline-things??
btw that will take some getting used to (root - sudo - ........... etc.) because when I see stuff like that the context and what exactly should be typed in (and when and where??) isn't always very clear (that's my biggest gripe / headache sofar, not being native in English maybe complicates it all a bit).
[but, I'm not afraid of commandlines: I still am reasonably fluent in M$-DOS]

where can I find good help/info on that??

thx, ben
Find 'Termina' or 'konsole' in your KDE/Gnome menu, and it'll open up a window that looks similar to MS-DOS or cmd.exe

Then type in 'su', and enter in the root password. (sudo su in knoppix)

Then you can enter in the command I posted above. smile.gif

To find out which partition you want to format, if you don't know which drive is which, type (as root):

fdisk -l /dev/hda
fdisk -l /dev/hdb
fdisk -l /dev/hdc
fdisk -l /dev/hdd

This will show all your partitions.
hi Termina (and DS2K3) et al.,

thx a lot!!

I've managed to get the fdisk-command going (on hda, sda &sdb) in knoppix 4.0.2 ("sudo su" in <konsole> took me to root, no pwd required). maybe I'll get the hang of it after all.

I'm still waiting for KNOPPIX 5.0.1 (genuine installation to hard disk will now possible for the very first time) and Kubuntu to be ready. if it takes to long, I'll start wit Suse 10.1 anyway.

once complete, I'll be able to boot from floppy and CD/DVD to whatever, from PATA to linux (my trio) and from SATA to W-xp PRO just by changing the boot-order in the BIOS.

how's that for multi-boot?????????????

just an additional question:

I'm so 'used to' starting fresh with M$ on new hard drives (the floppy - fdisk - format - transfer system etc.-thing) since I've done this maybe 4 or 5 times sofar over the 1987 - 1998 period with M$ W95 and W98SE lite. now I'm a little unsure about how to best do this in Linux.

in 2002 M$ W-xp PRO seemed a bit tricky, because I started out with a new system with only fresh SATA-drives. I had to get both the SATA-driver and the OS going and had read on various forums that lots of people had problems there. all I remember now is that the first thing I tried, with the floppy for the driver and the CD for xp, worked without me really knowing why. so this won't help me, because being so lucky twice .........

back to Linux:
late yesterday I found out about a second option (1st being adding the new drive to the system, start fresh with the (Suse 10.1-) DVD and see where it takes me):
I could also add the drive to the PC, boot to knoppix 4.0.2 as usual and then run QTParted from there to format and partition as needed. this gives me the very big plus of all the info I have downloaded sofar and acces to www for new problems.

maybe both are equally viable, hell there could even be a far better method.

so, what best to do??

thx in advance for the help to this (eager) newbie.

PS Linux might turn out to be the perfect answer to M$ Vista, in time offering the necessary functionality without the urgent need for newer hardware.
see my previous post
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