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Full Version: Linux for my new/OLD lappy
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Hey guys. Just bought a dirt cheep IBM Thinkpad 760 It has a 133cpu 64 megs of ram and 2 gig HD. Now my plan as of now is when I get the laptop im going to put slackware on it and just use apps such as Blackbox or fluxbox. Rox-filer. aterm and etc. Not that I use heavy desktops much anyways. But im wondering if theres a distro out there already geared for low end machines. Figured id ask here before looking around as im pressed with time atm. also wondering if a 133 is capable of playing mp3's. this may be a stupid question but I dont know so I'll ask.

If you want a quick and easy distro, try

Just don't expect to be able to customize it without breaking it.

I have a similar computer, that I just run debian stable + ion on. It works very well, and can handle opera.
Thanks Termina. I took a look a DSL and im pretty sure thats what im going to go with. I dont really need to do much customizations anyway. It seems to have eveything I need for my laptop. Do you know if a 133 would be able to play MP3's?
First you should see if DSL detects your laptop's sound card; it seems to have problems with that. (Atleast with old compaqs)

But yes, a 133mhz laptop should be able to play MP3s =)
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