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Full Version: Unfamiliar error message
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I have a new installation of Red Hat 9. I am getting a message that states 'i8253 count too high! resetting..' This message is persistant and showing up every few minutes. I have no idea what it means. Any help?
It's probably due to the fact that you're using a distribution that is several years out of date.

From what others with that same error have said, it's a problem with your current kernel.

Since this is a new install, there should be no reason to use such an old distro.

If you're a fan of Redhat, try CentOS. Otherwise, you may want to try debian. smile.gif

If you insist on using Redhat 9, here's a quick guide I wrote so you can upgrade your kernel (and keep your system a bit more up to date).
Hey thanks for your reply. I am using this old distro because of a training class using an old text book. If the problem is related to the age of the kernel vs the newness of the PC how come 5 other identical computers running the same distro are not having this error?
Would you run Windows 95 because you had a book on it, instead of a newer version? xD

All these computers have identical hardware, or just similar?

If it's the same hardware, and the same distro (fresh install), and only one has these error messages, then see the below post.

Best of luck.
All the computers are running the same hardware, and all are runnning a fresh install. I did not choose the book of the distro being used in the class. I would not use such an old version myself. And of course I would NEVER use Win 95 just because of some book. Heck, I would not use Win XP if I could help it.

Thanks for the help. I just wanted to know why the message pops up. Since this is happening in a training situation I will continue to ignore the problem until class is over.
Ah, this is for a class? I apologize, then, and express my sympathy. =)
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