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Full Version: wireless conection
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Help please i have suse linux live DVD to run on my laptop i also instaled suse linux V10 on my tower and was unable to make an internet connection on either of my comps my ISP is AOL and my connection is wierless through a linksys modem router i am very new to linux so i have no idea what to do when it comes to setting up an internet connection i hope to replace win XP on the laptop with suse but will not be able to untill i know how to get online. any help please would be greatfully apreciated.

laptop spec just incase

Packard Bell easynote
win XP home
80gig hd
128mb gc
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What kind of wireless cards do you have? (PCI, USB, PCMCIA, etc.).

Please type 'iwconfig' and tell us the output.

Also, the model/manufacturer of the wireless cards will be needed.
its a PCI card shiped with the laptop and made by Texas Instruments. where do i type iwconfig?
You need to open a console ("dos box" as the windows world usually call it). You can do this in a number of ways. You can use a program like "konsole" (supplied with KDE) or Xterm which are called termianl-eumlators becuase they "pretend" to be a terminal (console). Or, you can oress ctrl-alt-F1 to get a REAL terminal. They both work the same so it doesnt reaolly matter. It is easier to copy-and-paste from a program like "konsole" though.

You might need to get root permissions (root is the system administrator. You should only "become" root when absolutely necesssary) - To do so, just type "su -" into the terminal and enter the root password when prompted.

To summarise: Once you have your terminal open, type "iwconfig" into it. If it doesnt work, then become root and try again.

'Texas Instruments' doesn't help us; that applies to many, many cards.

Along with the output of 'iwconfig', please give us the output of 'lspci'.
i will have another go and try what DS2K3 advised as for what card it is i realy have no clue what make it is it came shipped with the laptop the wireless card on the tower is a belkin wireless desktop network card M/N F5D7000 and i have the same trouble there

thanks for the help
After tweaking around, I found a way to get bcm43xx working with ndiswrapper.

Grab the 1.17 release, and compile.

Grab the driver here:

Then install as per usual.

Now, just setting the essid doesn't work; but if you set the key first (or turn it off) the essid you tried to set before should activate itself.
thank you DSK23 and termina you posts were very help full BUT when i done what DSK23 advised all i got back was NO WIRELESS EXTENSIONS i downloaded that winrar file as advised by termina and saved it to my D: drive and as i went to access it through suse linux live dvd (not ready yet to do a full install untill i know %100 i can access the internet) i got a pop up window saying



the lap top i have is any help please would be realy appreciated as i would like to drop windows and use another OS and i realy need the internet (dont laugh) as i am in college studing multi media pleeeeeeease help

thanks in advance
A live CD will not have the majority of packages you will need to compile and use the driver.

I suggest you use the following live CD to resize your windows partition.

(backup your files first, just in case something weird happens!)

Then use the SuSE CD to install, and dual-boot.

If you really want to try, you'll probably have to open up a root terminal and mount /dev/hda5 manually.
my drive is allready partitioned i will install a full version but i feel i will still end up with no internet connection

If you print out/write down the following, and have the packages you need downloaded already, there is no reason you'd be going without internet access.

Have fun.
WOW this is realy frustraiting all i want to do is use linux i like the look and the feel of it but because i am so new to it it is very very hard to get a wireless internet connection i have just tried a mandrake live cd as i read on line that is was the better option and easy option (any 1 care to coment on that?) and guess what the pc locked up which i soon found out was caused by my wireless card i am now going to do a full install using a mandrake dvd and hopefully i can get online has any one got screen shots or a easy walk through that i can follow incase i cant get online

Thanks in advance
this is getting very frustrating mandriva linux on an install locks up any reason why? is it building a driver for my wireless card cos as soon as i take it out it starts to install untill i told it to install on the D drive then it came up telling me i have a problem run chkdsk/f then try again which i will do

pleeeeeease help
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