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Full Version: Samba and Linneighborhood
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Hi guys. Total noob here. Just started using linux yesterday. I got xubuntu distro.

Anywayz I've set up samba I think and I open lin neighborhood and I can see the other 2 computers on my network but when I click on them it doesn't bring up what they are sharing. What did I forget to do?
You open up 'lin neighborhood'? I don't understand; is that a program that comes with ubuntu that I've never heard of, or a typo for windows network neighborhood? smile.gif

Try this, and tell me if it helps:

sudo apt-get install samba (make sure samba is installed!)
sudo vi /etc/samba/smb.conf
(make sure workgroup=YOUR_WORKGROUP, and then find the [homes] section, and change browseable to 'yes' instead of 'no')

Now run 'smbpasswd -a linux_user_here' and enter in your password. Now a windows/linux client can connect using that username/pass, and see their home directory.

smbclient -L IP_OF_WINDOWS1

and see if you can see the shares.
linneighborhood is a GUI frontend for samba and smbmount.

smbclient -L windows_IP or windows_hostname will show the shares of a particular computer
smbtree will show all PC and their shares.
findsmb will show a list of windows PCs.

What I mean by all is any windows PC configured for file and print sharing and any linux PC running samba. Have you configured shares on the windows PC? What version of windows is running on these PCs?
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