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Full Version: postfix, mysql,courier-imap on fedora 5
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Okay i need help smile.gif
Buyed 3 books but still dont work..

I have:
mysql v4.1.19 8Server, client, bench, etc)
postfix v2.2.10

make -f Makefile.ini makefiles 'CCARGS=-DHS_MYSQL -I/usr/lib/include' 'AUXLIB=-L/usr/lib/mysql -lmysqlclient -ls -lm'
make install

<postconf -m

dosent list mysql

try to install courier-imap 1.4.4
says faild on authmysql

Any help is welcome
You didn't give us much information, but I'll try to help.

Are you trying to set up postfix to use virtual users from mysql?

What have you added to (can you upload it somewhere, and give us a link?)

Do you have virtual_alias_maps and virtual_mailbox_* set up correctly?

Also, did you make sure authdameonrc is using 'authmysql'? Is courier-authmysql even installed?

Some more information would be much more helpful...
got postfix compiled with mysql.. that works now..

but still no success on courier-imap-1.5.3

./configure --with-mysql-libs=/usr/lib/mysql4/mysql --with-mysql-includes=/usr/include/mysql4/mysql --with-authmysql

checking for mysql_config... (cached) /usr/bin/mysql_config
checking for mysql_connect... (cached) no
configure: error: --with-authmysql specifed but no
configure: error: ./configure failed for authlib

And there configure stops.
I have installed:
mysql server 4.1.19-Standart-log
mysql client 5.1.7
mysqlclient3, mysqlclient4, both including devel.
courier-authlib-mysql 0.58-1.5.i386.
mysql-bench 4.1.19-0
mysql-devel 4.1.19
mysql-shared 4.1.19
mysql-shared-standart 4.1.19
mysql-standart-debuginfo 4.1.19
That's strange, that it cannot find Have you tried updatedb && locate

You may just need to copy it to the current dir, or run ldconfig.

Is there a reason you're compiling instead of using rebuilt packages? What distro do you use?
Nope i dont think there is any reason why i compile ? But since im a complet noob in linux my 4 day i fumble on it. thats my a good question. smile.gif

Fedora 5, but could not find any rpm packages for fedora, and have to say soon i lose my marbeles smile.gif

Yep no not on the entry drive..
and stuff like that
Chances are you compiled mysql wrong, then. sad.gif

I really suggest you find a good mirror, after you 'make uninstall' all your current stuff.

Using recompiled binaries makes it much easier to install and upgrade.

Remember: If you compile, you're going to have to recompile everytime you want to upgrade.
yepers.. well gave up..

Now i have postfix runing and vm-pop3d .. that works great..

Dont think it was mysql, becouse websites what using mysql where runing great.
talked to erlay.. vm-pop is goofy also.

Cant pick up mail via netscape mail, via outlock it works until today.
Now I get an error: (The RETR command did not succed. Error retrieving a message. Mail server xx.xx.xx responded: libc detected *** vm-pop3d: munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: 0x095663400 ***)

After reinstall new.. I get in netscape mail. (Folders get processed. pls wait until this is done to get emails.)

Since im a complet newbie, another question is there somewhere a easy to install and configure pop server out what handels virtual mailboxes ?
Here's a great article about the kind of set up you want.

It's for Debian stable, BTW.
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