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Full Version: crontab permission
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System: PLD Linux 2.6.8, vixie-cron. While installing gnats I encountered the following:

[root@sierra ~]# cd /home/users/gnats
[root@sierra gnats]# su gnats
[gnats@sierra ~]$ ls -altr
total 28
-rw-r--r-- 1 gnats users 64 May 9 15:28 .mycron
[gnats@sierra ~]$ crontab .mycron
You (gnats) are not allowed to use this program (crontab)
See crontab(1) for more information
[gnats@sierra ~]$

I checked the files below several times:
Additionaly I created (with the same attributes):

Finally I tried:
chmod a+rwx /etc/cron.d/crontab

Still the same error.
I will appreciate any hint.

That's pretty strange. Here are some ideas.

Does plain old 'crontab -e' give you that same error?

You say you checked /etc/cron.allow/deny; are they empty? I believe that, if cron.allow is created, users that want to use crontab MUST be listed there.

Perhaps something in there is causing the problem, could you show us the contents?

I see you changed the permission of /etc/cron.d/crontab, but have you done the same with .mycron?
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