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Full Version: Backups with php and cron
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I am trying to set up an automatic db and files backup system and since all I know of Linux is rather scarce I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong with the relative or absolute paths to have a php script run through cron. The script itself doesn't seem to be a problem; manual backups work allright.
Linux server (dns hostname) 2.4.21-40.EL #1 (all I could find in phpinfo)
Php 5.05 as Apache module (1.3.31)
Access to cron through Cpanel GUI
No shell access
Host emergency 24X7 support ... dead
File permissions for script directory set to 755
Here is the script to be executed, bckpp.php:
// This code was created by phpMyBackupPro v.1.8
$_POST['db']=array("db_bcal", "db_cbr", "db_frm",  );
// This is the relative path to the phpMyBackupPro v.1.8 directory
(- and I tried this also

"backup.php" being in hxxp://wxw.domain.tld/bckp/

Now the cron command through Cpanel's GUI (frequency for test purpose only):
* * * * * curl -s -o /dev/null hxxp://wxw.domain.tld/tmp/bckpp.php

And the cron daemon's reply:
/bin/sh: line 1: backups: command not found

Anyone ? Thanks.
No shell access? That blows. >:( You might want to consider

Nothing you've shown us would give the following error:

/bin/sh: line 1: backups: command not found

I have to assume that your 'backup.php' is at fault here. Since it's giving you the above error, you're probably not giving the correct path for 'backups' (if this is a script you use; if not, probably a typo or mistake in backup.php).

Make sure that the absolute path is given for 'backups'.
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