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Full Version: Installing SUSE packages?
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Just wondering. I'm used to using debians apt-get to install packages but reciently I've been trying out suse. Anyway im wondering how do I download and install packages from the terminal?
SUSE uses RPM to install programs, like Red Hat and Mandriva and others.

The command:

rpm -Uvh <somefile.rpm>

is always safe. If you're sure that there isn't a previous install of the program, you may use:

rpm -ivh <somefile.rpm>

Of course with SUSE, you have YaST2 for graphical installs, and you can get a version of apt4rpm (very similar to Debian's apt-get) if you prefer.

And of course, you can always install from .src.rpms (rpmbuild --rebuild and etc.) and installing from source hasn't changed and is no different from any other Linux distro (tar -xzvf (or similar depending on compression) and then usually ./configure, make, make install, make clean or whatever the INSTALL or README file recommends.

To download files, try or to find files for download.


So would I have to wget the rpms? or download them with links. I need to know because im expermenting with X and if It crashes ill have no way to restore the packages if i need to get them back from the net. But thats a mill for the advice. its really appreciated. biggrin.gif

Suse uses yast from the console to manage rpm's as well. If I'm right, but unfortunately I cannot be 100% sure, because I have a thing for Suse smile.gif

Robert B
So would I have to wget the rpms? or download them with links

Depending on the site, you may be able to use wget, links (or lynx which I prefer), possibly ftp. All this is assuming you can't access X and do things with a graphical browser.

Is there a particular reason that you're operating in console mode? Just curious, it's not like there aren't lots of perfectly good reasons to not even install X.

Im just wondering in case I try SUSE in the future as a web server or if X ever crashes on me.
Accually im not having trouble adding a souce to suse so I can get the latest KDE version. It keeps giving me an error unable to create installation source. Whats the best way I can download and install the packages without doing every package one by one?
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