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Full Version: USB mini port (USB B port)
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How do I activate a USB Mini port? (B port)

I know how to activate a USB A port in linux 2.6 with "make menuconfig". (you jast add SCSI support, USB support and USB Mass Storage Support if you want to use a Memory stick)

But how do I "activate" a USB mini port?

Your computer has USB mini-ports?

By "activation" you mean adding the correct modules/drivers to the kernel - But I'm pretty sure that usb mini-ports are exactly the same in terms of what the computer has to do - they're just a different shape.

What distribution are you using? Nearluy all distributions come with full usb support already in the kernel.

Run "lspci" to see what PCI devices are attached - They may already be working. It would help if we knew what you're trying to do exactly.
I have a PC card with a ATMEL Arm processor.

It runs on Linux 2.6. I have built my own distributions.

I think I have to buid a Kernel driver that handles the USB interrupts.

I just want to see that I get the interrupt when I plug in the USB cabel in my Windows machine.

Can this be done with a "simple" kernel driver?
No idea - You might be better off asking on a dedicated kernel programming forum - I'm not sure who has the know how when it comes to kernel drivers round here.
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