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Full Version: Looking For Free Win32 Iso Burner
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Hi, I'm getting kind of desperate for a program that will write ISOs in windows. Previously I was using a demo of Nero, but it ran out, and any of the other programs that I have tried are all big pieces of crap that don't work. So if anyone knows of a simple, maybe even console based, program kind of like the one in Linux, I would really appreciate it. BTW, I need it so I can burn my RH9 ISOs.

Yeah I did this a few days ago... this program is great:
In one of the options on the left side it says "Burn ISO" or something like that
just select it, and press OK. Do'nt worry about what it says it has in the file list or anything..
works great. GOod Luck!
The best cd burning software for linux is also the best cd burning software for windows. Pick up Cdrecord, just scroll down the page to see the links for the windows version. Extract it into a directory (such as c:cdrecord) and copy your iso to that directory.

Open up your command prompt (in win 9x got Start-Run->Command, WinNT/XP Start->Run->cmd) and cd to that directory and find out where your cdrecorder is located to with the command 'cdrecord -scanbus'. It should be something like "0,0,0" or "0,1,0" or something similar. Then you can burn your iso with the command:

cdrecord -v speed=X dev=0,0,0 thefile.iso

speed=X , replace X with the speed you want to burn at, which would be whatever your recorder supports
dev=0,0,0 , replace 0,0,0 with what you found from cdrecord -scanbus
thanks... that was exactly what I was looking for. I wasn't sure if what the name of the program was, or if it had a port, but apparently it does. Thanks. And by the way the program mentioned to me before (Drop to CD) doesn't burn iso's correctly... I'm not sure what it is, but neither windows or boot up could recognize the cd. Anyway, I'll try the cdrecord program.

I trust cdrecord more then any other burning software out there. Granted, burning programs like Nero are nice to look at, but i have experienced problems with buffer underruns, etc. I've never made a coaster with cdrecord.
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