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Full Version: Sound Blaster Live! Not Playing Sound
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Hello All,

So I just installed Redhat 9 lastnight, but I havn't been able to get my soundcard to work. I have a Sound blaster Live! Value installed, and have tried to run sndconfig, but it still plays no sound. The card works fine in WindowsXP, and I checked all cables and volume settings. Any help is appreciated.

you might check to see if the sound server is running. I think there's a redhat utility that shows all running services. Hope this helps.
I have the exact same problem but with Mandrake 9.1. The OS recognizes my sound card (Sound Blaster Live) but does not play any sound. I checked the sound server and it does start up with Linux, so it has to be a different reason. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Newer distributions use Alsa for it's sound drivers, and in my experiences, Alsa is muted by default, so you may have to open up a mixer and make sure that it's not muted on you. As well, open up a terminal, and run "lsmod" as root to see if the drivers are running.
Im having somewhat the same problem. I also installed RH9 recently and it wont play mp3's. I installed the xmms mpeg123 rpm per suggestion of one of my buddies but it still wont play mp3's. And today when i booted it said the sound server wouldnt run and gave me some error message.

Before the sound server wouldnt run, i did have sound with things like gaim and such, just no mp3 support sad.gif I also cant play any movies that I have, .avi or .mpg
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