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Full Version: in need of drivers?
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Ok well i thought you lot would probily no were to get these drivers fronnd save me some time searching all over google.

anyways the drivers i need are
radon x1300 (graphics card)
speadtuch 330 (ADSL modem)
Asus A8N-VM CSM Micro ATX (Socket 939) PCI Express Motherboard (MB-119-AS) (Motherbored Drivers, sound, network, and so on...)

i'm not sure if this post should be in this part so sorry guys and girls if i have put this post in the wrong place...
anyways cheers for all of those who read this and help me out....
at the moment im using Linux under a vmWare on my windows pc (useing windows as main because im a college student and theres a lot of windows programs i need that cant emulate.) i finish college soon though and i can go back to linux for good its been far to long without it sad.gif. (and yes i no i could have done a boot option to much hassel no hard drive space at the time.)

ill probs need the drivers for Madriva 2006 (free edition). im thinking about using Suse though or gentoo whitch one do you thinks best to use? i do a lot of graphics work and programming aswell as internet browsing online shopping and so on....

so based on that info recomend me a package if you can based on the info above.

oh btw im more of a slightley above novice user of linux of thats any help...

but yeah i will need the drivers for whatever distro you choise whitch is best for me smile.gif.

again thank you for taking your time to read this rubbish Excuse of a post and thanks for commenting...
Drivers will probably not be an issue until you get it installed - Most hardware is supported by distributors like Mandriva in their default kernels. Graphics will probably work (although probably with 3d acceleration until oyu get offcial ones), as will your mobo (it's really just the chipset that matters, and ther aren't that many of those). Speedtouch drivers used to come with Mandriva, I assume that they still do.

I have never needed Windows programs for college...

cheers and lucky we have to use things like Microsoft Project and random things like that. also we have to do a lot of Visual Basic programming. kinda sucks oh well cant wait to start full time linux using again.... smile.gif thanks for your help.
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