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Full Version: Cron job - help request
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I know, it sounds easy.

I've read the manual.

But yet, I can't figure out how to run a cron job every 65 minutes.

I can run a job every hour, on the hour.

I can run a job 5 past every hour (60 minutes since the last run)

BUT, is it possible to run a cron job every 65 minutes?

i.e 1:05 - run, 2:10 - run, 3:15 - run, 4:20 - run

It seems that cron is based on dates and times only in that you can only run a job at a certain time or a certain time interval within one hour.

If this seems easy to you, please help.

Your advice will assist around 6000 English teachers in Japan!


David Thomas.

//first post
You can run cron in intervals like every 5 minutes but AFAIK minutes are just 0-59. You can create a script that starts with a cron job that has contains a loop with the sleep command for waiting the 65 minutes.
or, create a script that is set to run once, and then reschedules itself

Possibly best to do the rescheduling first, so that it will still run again even if it crashes mid-way through

Ya just make a bash shell
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