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Full Version: mounting shared network folder
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ok i am trying to mount my documents on my windows ME computer into a folder i created on my Xebian linux xbox, i am using

mount -t smbfs //MEservername/c:mydocuments /home/live/mydocs

and it asks me for a password.....i have tried just hitting enter i have tried passwords i have set up on the ME computer i have tried my root password on my linux box and nothing is working
i also tried putting my username/password for ME in as the password and got the same

every time i get

tree connect failed: ERRSRV - ERRbadpw (Bad password -name/password pair in a Tree Connect or Session Setup are invalid.)
SMB connection failed

the only time i get something different is when i put my username/(nothing here) for the password
then i get

session setup failed: Call returned zero bytes (EOF)
SMB connection failed

any ideas on how to get this to work correctly?
any ideas anyone?
I assume you are sharing the complete c: drive?
Look at the ME box and post hostname and name of the share name of the c drive it probably not c:mydocuments. Are you sharing the my documents directory? Its best if the share name does not have spaces.

To see all of the ME shares on the linux box try the following command
smbclient -L hostname (where hostname is the name of the PC i.e. your MEservername
(Just press enter key when it asks for a password)

On the windows box the DOS command is
net view
i just want to share the c:/windows/my documents folder....the shared name for the folder is mydocuments without any spaces...but i give those commands a try...thanks
If the share name is just mydocuments then try

mount -t smbfs //hostname/mydocuments /home/live/mydocs

Replace hostname with the actual hostname of the ME PC.
yeah i had an extremely noobish mistake, when i orginally configured the shared folder i set a password for it that i dont remember...and never thought to look back now tho..thanks
lol - glad you fixed it

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