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Full Version: two machines, one monitor
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Let me first say that I'm pretty new to Linux, I've used it mostly at work but it grew on me and now I built myself a linux box.

I think have a problem with my SLES 9.0 resolution. I've got the following setup:
My monitor (Samsung 204B) has both a DVI and a VGA inputs. The DVI is hooked up to my Windows machine and is running at the max resolution (1600x1200). The VGA is going to my Linux box, on which I just installed Suse Enterprise Server 9.0. A KVM switch was a no-go for various reasons, so right now each machine has its own keyboard and mouse and they share the same monitor. There is a source select button on the monitor which makes it easy to switch between displays.

So far, so good. The SLES installation went fine. I set the default runlevel to 5. When I booted Suse for the first time, after loading the kernel, the monitor went blank and there was a message saying "Not optimum resolution, recommended 1600x1200" From there on, none of the monitor buttons worked (not even autoadjust), except for the source selection - I can only switch between DVI and Analog.

I have a couple of theories. As far as I know, Suse supports up to 1280x1024 screen resolution. Is there a way to cheat it? Edit all the XF86Config.* files in /etc/X11/ and replace 1280x1024 with 1600x1200? Chances are that it won't work, but is it worth a try?

Also, if I'm running 1600x1200 on the Windows machine, do you think that the monitor may be trying to keep the same resolution when I switch to VGA? It doesn't make much sense to do that, but hey, it's an idea. And if the answer is yes, is there a way to have the VGA run at 1280x1024 and leave the DVI at 1600x1200?

Also, I should mention that if I select "Failsafe" as a boot option and go to runlevel 1, everything works fine. Therefore, I am able to log in as root and use the command line, so if there are any changes I need to make to the system files, I can.

I really like the setup I have now and like a said before, a KVM switch won't really do the job for me, unless I buy a ridiculously expensive USB one that has DVI as well.

Please help!!

FYI, the videocard on the linux machine is a Riva TNT2 and on the windows pc it's a Radeon 9800Pro AIW
You can try editing the config file for X - it's in /etc/X11/ But you might need to install a different driver to support the higher resolutions. Who's the card manufactured by - Both ATI and nVidia supply Linux drivers, although nVidia seem to be more straightforward to install.

It's an nvidia riva tnt2. I found the drivers online but there was something weird about the Suse installation in particular - it has to be done through the Yast Online Update, to which I didn't know how to get to with command line. Anyways, I figured it out: I did play with the XFConfig.install and XFConfig.saxsave files. Funnily, the default resolution was actually 680x480. Changed all to 1280x1024 and it worked like a charm. smile.gif
Thx for the response.
Glad it's working

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