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Full Version: Samba Login Issue
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This is a total noob question, but I haven't dealt with Linux in quite some time. I've just reformatted and installed Fedora Core 5 on a machine of mine. Once I set up Samba, and was able to browse to the machine from a windows machine, I tried to access the share and it would prompt me for a password and username, which is good. But it won't let me change the user name from my default Windows login. It just grabs the login name for this machine I am on, and defaults that as the name I am trying to log in with. I want to be able to enter a different one, since I only want one login available to get to the Samba shares and I have up to 10 machines trying to connect. What I am trying to do exactly is just enter the Samba user name and password and have it connect that way. But it is always trying to grab the user name from the Windows machine. I didn't have this problem before I reformatted and had Fedora 1. It let me do just what I wanted to do. This is probably an easy fix, but could you help me? Thanks
Install the "webmin" package. You should then be able to (once webmin has been strated) go to http://localhost:10000 and login as root. Once in, look under "servers", and you should be able to use a samba administration-panel. There are some options in there to turn off authentication.
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