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Full Version: Newbie on linus needs help
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I got Nbuntu Linux and i wanted to update my gfx card drivers. Now my Gfx card is a geforce 6600GT 120mb and i have the linux drivers. When i go into the terminal and try to run the update it says to me " nvidia-installer must be run as root" now as i`m a newbie at this i aint got a clue what this means can someone help me to install this please


you'll need to type

su - root

and enter the root password

Robert B

ps.: you also need to start up the system without X , check your /etc/inittab to see which level is that.
ok i put


and i get this

bash: /etc/inittab: Permission denied

so what do i do now ?

you need to view /etc/inittab ,

try to type mc in terminal , if you have midnight commander installed things will be easier to edit.

If you don't have this, search for it in add remove program, mc and install it.

Robert B
If you have unbuntu then "su -" probably wont work, instead, press ctrl-alt-F1 and the login as your normal user.

Type "sudo bash" and then enter your password if asked. You should then be able to run "init 3" to turn off the GUI, and THEN you can go ahead and install the driver. You may need to kernel-source pakage installed, in which case you should be able to install it using synaptic.

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