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Full Version: Mouse support
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I recently upgraded my system to AMD64, not realizing that my current distribution of Linux would not support 64bit, so I switched to one of the seven distros from that would support it, Gentoo. I fought hard, but finally got my keyboard to work at a decent rate and my system clock to run at a normal speed (opposed to the double speed it was running). I even got the 64bit video drivers working on the newest kernel, but now the problem is with my mouse.

I have a USB mouse that is wireless that works fine with the bios, fine in council, but only partially works with Xorg. The problem is that when I use the mouse it seems to run out of steam. I can move it regularly when X starts up, but gradually it becomes unresponsive until I can only move it every few seconds. /dev/input/mice reflects what I am saying, 'cat /dev/input/mice' shows a lot of activity when X first starts however when its been open a few minutes the device shows no response to my movements.

The strange part is that when I switch over to 800x600 for my display size, the mouse has no problems, it is only when it is at larger resolutions that I have a problem. Thanks in advance for your help, and please tell me if you need any more information.

Taylor K.
Run the "top" command when your fist start X, and then again when it starts slowing down - There might be a rogue process that's consuming more than its fair share of resources. The more resources a process uses, the nearer it is to the top of the list.

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