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Full Version: Internet problem
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I can ping websites using IP address but I can't open it in a browser
like mozilla or konquerror
Make sure that you have configured your nameservers, you can do this by editing your /etc/resolv.conf file. The format is 'nameserver <nameserver ip>' you should have one provided by your isp, but if you can't find one then use, its a root server and should work wink.gif

If that doesn't work then you could also try setting up a proxy server if your internat is somehow restricted.
Just to disagree with the above post - Do NOT set your nameservers to root DNS servers. Root (Tier 1) DNS servers are not for public use, only should only be used by the owners of Tier 2 servers. You may well get yourself, or your entire ISP banned from querying the server in question. If you dont know your name servers, then send an email to your ISP asking them for the info. DNS is a public service provided free of charge by ICANN, and you aren't doing anybody any favours by abusing it.

If setting the nameservers doesnt work, then this might help:

In Firefox, type "about:config" into the address bar - Find the option entitled "network.dns.disableipv6" and make sure it's set to "true"

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