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Full Version: Slow MySql after fedora core 5 install
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Hello All

long time since my last post

I just upgraded my fedora core 3 to core 5 yesterday and everything went great. but after the reboot of the server i noticed that my forums on my web site is retriveing the data very slowly page wont pop up till like 30 sec of thinking. Any ideas.....i run the latest mysql server and apache and php for the forums
While loading some pages, check 'uptime'. What kind of load do you see?

Also keep an eye on the 'top' command; what exactly is eating up alot of CPU?

You are aware that Fedora isn't meant to be used for a server, right? smile.gif
Not supposed to be a server??
when installing it, it asks if you want to install as a server....
i have been running it fine as a sever for over a year now.....but just wanted to upgrade from core 3 to core 5.....
I agree with Termina on should not use Fedora as a production server.....If you are using it as a development platform...then its fine.

But...have you checked..which version of MySql is shipped with FC5... is it, 5? If have to tune few things...but still. first ...i would go with termina's suggestion...and then try to tune SQL things.

On a sidenote, i would love to have MySQL5 webapp.... they have really nice things like stored procedures.. so you can put your business logic in the database.
Continuing the sidenote - From a security point of view, storing logic inside a database seems a risky buisness - IMO, only data should be in a databse, logic should be somewhere, read-only at the filesystem level.
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