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Full Version: Php problem
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Hi, i installed linux Red Hat. Package Server.

I have the http Server installed.
I'm using a tutorial to install it.


[quote]Go To: System Settings | Add/Remove Applications[/quote]

[quote]Web Server Packages
Scroll down the Package Management list to the “Web Server” section.
Check the box next to “Web Server”, then click on “Details” to the right.
A new list will appear, with several options already selected for you. You’ll be selecting some items, as shown.[/quote]

Make sure the following entries are checked/selected:
Click on “Close” once these three have been checked/selected.

Ok, i got this done!!

then i press update, Then i get this message: [quote]Preparing system update[/quote]
When this is ready, i get this :


I know this is dutch, but i translate it tongue.gif

Package Not Found[B]

This package can not be found on this computer.
Installation can not continue until this is installed.

Not Found

Php = 4.2.2-17

Needed for


Can somebody please help me with this.

Thx biggrin.gif

so you are telling me that you have Red Hat 9 installed, first as usualy , I would highly reccomend that you switch to some more up to date distro, and to stay in the rh flawour, choose either CentOS 4.x or the latest Fedora Core.

I can help you here a bit... first you'll need to download the following package.

Here it is step-by-step :

start up this computer, login as root, open up a terminal and type the following.

cd /home
rpm -Uvh apt*.rpm
apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade
apt-get install php php-mysql mysql mysql-server httpd

once downloaded installed , you can config your server using the gui.

Robert B

ps.: do switch to a newer distro, rh9 is seriously outdated, and no more updates for it.
Ok, thx.

What is best?

Fedora Core, or CentOS ?


"I'm Downloading Fedora Core" "Gonna try it for now" "but what is better?"

Thx again biggrin.gif

Fedora Core = always latest bleeding edge software
which means not necesarily unstable, but could have bugs , but that is not again 100%
life cycle is short

CentOS = older software version
which means more stable because it is more tested , due to the fact it's been out there longer.
life cycle is longer

and support for CentOS for example is about 8 yrs I think, that means you install it now, and you can stick with it for the next 8yrs and depend on it that you'll have updates regulary.

Robert B
Let's not forget, however, about that nasty hacking incident involving CentOS...

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