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Full Version: CD/DVD Image
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Hello. I'm new to fairly new to using linux. I'm using RH Fedora and am looking for a way to mount a bin/cue CD image. Is there a program along the lines of D-Tools with which to do this?

There are now five versions of Fedora Core out and there are some slight differences in how they each work, so this may not be *exactly* how to do it in whatever version you happen to be using.

First of all, the CD should automount when inserted. If that fails, the command is:

mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom

That should be all that is required. If it does whine about file system type, add the:

-t iso9660

right after the mount command.

Or, if you have a CD burner rather than a regular CD drive the device name might be /dev/cdrecorder rather than /dev/cdrom.

Older versions of Fedora typically mounted CD's on /mnt rather than /media, but if you just create a /media directory manually (mkdir /media) you can mount it there even in older versions.

Once mounted, you should be able to navigate to that filesystem (cd /media/cdrom) or by using a graphical file browser like Nautilus or Konqueror.

Anyway, HTH,

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