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Full Version: Newbie Requesting Help
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I'm a new Linux user and just Installed Debian/GNU 2.2.

I have an SMC Ethercard Elite 16 Ultra network card and the kernel won't recognize it. I've been doing searches for a driver for this specific card, but haven't been that successful. As I'm new I might have overlooked something obvious in my search. Looking for any advice on the best way to proceed.

Secondly. **feels stupid asking question** everytime I use the "--help" on a command it scrolls up my screen to fast for me to review the entire file. I have looked through all my reference materials looking for a command similar to the "|pg" for the "--help" command so it will only show a screen at a time, but once again have come up dry.

Thanks blink.gif
To answer the second question, you want to use the commands "less" and "more"

./filename --help | more
./filename --help | less

or you can press Shift+PgUp to scroll up a limited space. Or you can read the program's manual "man filename".

As for your network card, try one of the following two drivers:


They should come with the install. Try to issue the command, as root, "modprobe -v smc-ultra" and see if it loads up fine, if it does, then add that to your /etc/modules file and re-run "/etc/init.d/networking restart".
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