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Full Version: VPS running CentOS
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I recently set up a VPS account on a server running Centos

My goal is to install Webmin and then SugarCRM or OpenVPN on this server.

Problem is... I am a windows guy and now I am using putty and am at a command line I have no idea what to do with.

Over the last few hours I think i have found that I need to install Webmin into my VPS/Centos install... but after looking over all the install directions, I have no idea what they mean.

I think at this moment, I am stuck when it comes to downloading the webmin rpm to my VPS enviroment. I think I am suppose to use wget of some ftp commands, but I can not even figure that out.

Any direction would be helpful.


yum install webmin openvpn mc


look for /etc/webmin/ some config file or /etc/ for some webmin.conf file
look for what port it will listen to then
chkconfig webmin on
/etc/init.d/webmin start

Robert B

ps.: I will install webmin tomorrow myself, so if you fail, I will tell you what to do exactly, but try the above first.
Hey - Thank You Robert.

I must admit, I got impatient and asked a Linux savy friend for some help and he logged into my box and configured it on my behalf. I have no idea how he ended up doing it in the end.

WebMin is my kinda app... a gui!

Just wondering but are there any newer or better unix admin app (like webmin) out there in the opensource world?

There is no better app than Webmin!
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