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Full Version: Raid Stripe and IDE - Dual Boot with XP
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Hi, I'm installing linux on my computer for the first time. I have copies of both Suse and Mandriva on CD. I installed Suse on the new hard drive, and it works fine. The biggest problem is that I have to select which hard drive to boot from when I want to boot into Linux by pressing F11 on boot. I'm trying to have a menu where I can boot to either Suse or Windows XP. The problem I have is that Windows is on a SATA Raid Stripe, and Suse claims that it cannot read or recognize it. The Suse hard drive is connected through an IDE cable. Neither GRUB nor LILO will recognize that hard drive as a bootable hard drive.

I've tried using bootpart, but when I select the "linux" option I made, it just says GRUB on the screen, and freezes. Any ideas of how to get around this problem?
If you're using grub, you can boot a SATA hard drive.

Press 'e' at the grub boot menu, when your computer first boots. Assuming you have an XP entry already, I suggest doing the following with it.

Replace the current 'hd' entry (which, as you said, is incorrect) and keep going up.

Chances are, your SATA drive will be 'hd4' or 'hd5'.
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