I am new to the world of linux and wanted to have a try at this great operating system. I recieved Fedora Core 4 from one of my friends as a gift. So I created a new partition on my harddrive for Linux and started the installation process.

I rebooted, and the Fedora screen showed up, I chose to intall linux, and the drivers started loading. The first driver to load was usb configuration or something similar, but, after 2 more drivers my computer started loading a usb-storage driver. Once it hit this point, nothing happened. After about 2 hours of loading this one driver I rebooted.

Later I noticed I had a printer plugged in. So, I disconnected all hardware besides my monitor, mouse and keyboard and tried again. The same thing happened.

Please help me to get linux running on my computer.

P.S. I tried a Knoppix-like boot CD and everything worked fine so I'm really wondering whats keeping linux from running.