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Full Version: Problem with compiled libraries.
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OS: Mandriva x86_64 2005 (10.2)

1. Admittedly, Im quite new to linux, but I havent found the transition to linux that difficult thus far. The original problem is based around the fact that my install cd comes with almost nothing. Im trying to install MPlayer which requires a few other packages i dont have. Most of the packages are readily available at There have been a few, however, that require each other to be installed. For those ones, obviously, i downloaded the sources and compiled them, and herein lies my question. The fully compiled libraries rest in


So i know they're fully compiled, the problem im having is that using rpm to install the Mplayer package still returns an error about the missing packages. Compiling Mplayer sites the following error:
Error: PNG support required for GUI compilation, please install libpng and libpng-dev packages.
which of course libpng-dev is not available for mandriva, or at least not that i can find.

So, how can i set my system to see /usr/local/lib as place where my libraries are? Ive tried editting /etc/, and re-setting the PATH system variable to include it, and neither worked. So any direction would be GREATLY appreciated.

2. Is there a better way to get packages then If so, how do i set that up?

3. MP3 player, which is a good one to use? Also i wont have any way to get music, so whats a good P2P program for linux? I suppose i could use Wine with Ares Lite, but id like to know if theres a better option.

Thanks in advance!
Have a look at - Basically, you folow the instructions to give you some commands to run in a root console (copy & paste them).

They will add loads of additioanl software sources (repositories) which will let you install software from the internet using the control-centre, just like you would if it was on the CD. I'm sure Mplayer is in them, aswell as the codecs needed to view real-player files, windows media and encrypted DVDs.

If you have a working net connection..then you should consider using YUM or apt..
On Mandriva, urpmi does the job of yum/apt.

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