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Full Version: VNC server
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I have an iBook running Mac OS X and I'm trying to set up my fedora core 4 machine to accept a VNC connection from it. I believe I have it set up correctly (I know the port and everything is correct on my home network) but I still can't seem to VNC in. What am I doing wrong?? I have run through the RealVNC install and have configured a port and a password and it has told me that it is now saved to vncserver localhost.localdomain:1. I have also checked the /etc/bin/vncserver file to make sure that I had the correct display number and that is also correct. Anyone that can help please let me know what I'm screwing up on. Thanks in advance.
You didn't give us much information, and I find your post confusing. sad.gif Sorry

You're running a VNC server on what machine? I'll assume the linux one for now.

What happens when you try to connect to the machine? Connection refused? Password incorrect?

Are these machines both on the same LAN, or seperate?

You may want to look into x11vnc. It acts much like the windows version of VNC, where you can take control of the current X session; so what you see on the monitor is what the VNC user sees.
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