Im fairly new to linux, but ive managed to install different dist. on various machines before, my problem came after trying to install ubuntu on my forthcoming server machine. I installed ubuntu without any errors or problems from cd. BUT, when i boot it up for the first time it just goes straight into GRUB stage 5.1read error (which ive found out is harddisk error), but the harddisk is a all new 320gb wd disk, so i doubt thats it too. When installing the hdd had no filesystem, so i chose "format the entire disk" option when installing. Ive reinstalled several times with no luck. I went desperate and even tried installing windows server2003 on it, but got the "disk read error" there as well. Does anyone have any idea what might be the problem? Ive tried several jumper settings, IDE cables, IDE slots.. etc. But can't find the problem. Today ill try formatting the disk in my main computer to see if it helps, eventhough i doubt it. Any suggestions? Ideas? Im stuck ;P

Thanks for any replies.

Note: This is not a dual OS or boot case, the hdd is the only hdd connected and it only got ubuntu installed.

Edit: I just found this, ""Hard Disk Error"
This error message will occur if the Stage 2 or Stage 1.5 is being read from a hard disk, and the attempt to determine the size and geometry of the hard disk fails." -- Is it possible that the hdd is bigger than what the motherboard support?