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Full Version: Help would be much appreciated
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Hi There,

I apologize in advance to the noobishness of this post, im completly new to linux, thought that it would benefit my studies if i got to grips with it.

Before i start, this might be useful:
pute: Dell Inspiron 2650
linux: Ubuntu 5.10
Windows: XP

I've just installed Ubuntu (which i mite add, was a challenge in itself) and im getting to grips with it, but there seems to be some problems. whenever i click the add aplications button nothing happens, and the same happens when i click the network button in either preferences or admin, cant remeber which. it worked when i tried the live CD, but now i've installed it nothing happens at all.
secondly, how do i set up ubuntu to recognise my Belkin 802.11g wifi laptop card? i havent a clue how to do it, and its causing real havoc cos whenever i want to get on the net i have to shut down and boot up windows again. Finally, how do i get linux to recognise my mouse? it seems to recognise the PS/2 port, but not the mouse so im having to make do with the trackpad which i really dont like.

any help will be appreciated, thanks

Does the wifi card show up in Networking (under Utilities group)?
I am having that same problem (save the mouse). It seams that the only way to activate my wireless card is by putting windows on first, then opening it up n' shit...

I just really want to know if there is some way that I can activate the network card through Linux

BTW, when i go into my network setup on Linux, it tells me that nothing can be found

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