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Full Version: Bios/post Start Up Error 167
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This isn't really a linux question per se, but I figured that there're probably people here that can help because linux users sometimes have to get into the "nitty-gritty" stuff.

The motherboard of a computer at work went bad, and we received the replacement board, a Micro-star MS-6188.

The tech guy installed the new board, booted up the system, and was greeted with a couple error messages. Between the two of us we've managed to solve all of them (re-seat the DIMM chips, set the system clock, check the battery, etc.) except for one....

POST Start Up Errors - 167 No BIOS Update Found

I've downloaded the Flash Upgrades from micro-star's website and followed their instructions, but it doesn't seem to work... it'll freeze up. When we restart the box the error's still there.

We went through and made sure that the "Administrator Password" was not required for a BIOS Flash... Thought that there might be a ENABLE/DISABLE BIOS Flash toggle somewhere in a menu but couldn't find one so I guess the password one was it.

It is an Award BIOS, a Micro-Star MS-6188 motherboard in a IBM NetVista computer. Any thoughts that could get us on the right track to getting the computer up and running would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks guys.

Disregard... we've got it. smile.gif

Apparently Micro-Star "does not have the correct" BIOS flash... The tech guy got on the phone with IBM and we managed to download a copy "of the correct one".

She flashed just fine and's good to go!

Thanks anyway. wink.gif

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