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Full Version: Grub error please help.
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Hi everyone, I dont know much about linux but i had it installed for a while to see what it was like and all, but ended up decideding i wanted to use the harddrive I had linux on to be a windows storage device for files so i used partiton magic to delete the linux partition while i was logged on windows. I guess it was the wrong thing to do because now when I boot up I get GRUB error 22. I used my restore disc (dont have a win xp setup disc) to restore windows not knowing i could have hit Q to start up to windows with the disc in at the time. So now I have a restored windows xp with all my old files gone and I can only boot into windows if i have the restore disc in. Is there a way to fix the error so I dont have to use my winXP restore disc? and is there a way to restore all my old files since it wasnt a destructive restore? Thanks in advance for any help.
If you have a floppy disk on this computer you can use a windows 98 emergency boot disk and run the fdisk (fdisk /mbr) command to remove the boot loader from the Master Boot Record (MBR). You can also create an XP boot disk via the link below. If the restore disk has a recovery console mode then you can run the fixboot or fixmbr utility.

There are lots of file recovery tools available via the internet. However, I can't recommend any particular one.
I dont have a floppy drive on this computer...I do have a 1 gb flash drive though and I also have blank cds and cd burner will that work? Or do I have to use a floppy?
You can create rescue CDs.
How do I do that? I tried using the backup programe on windows but when i select to burn it to drive F (my cd drive) it says "The backup file could not be used. F:Backup.bkf Please ensure it is a valid path, and that you have suffcient access."
I found an easier way than deleting partitions blindly and rewriting a windows mbr which is no fun at all. To do this you need to be in windows (its an exe) download this file You do not need to buy it. Just scroll to the bottom to download from their link. When downloaded run the exe in there. You then may make a bootable floppy or cd your choice. This puts the program on you choice of media so your ready to go. (the cd option makes a cd .iso so you will need a program to burn it.) Both the floppy and cd contain the same program. Next you will restart your computer with the cd or floppy in the drive. Once you boot into the program do not install it to your HDD. Just click cancel to just run it off the cd or floppy. Then go to partion work. Click the oval on the left side of the window (yes you can use your mouse!) to go to your primary hdd. Select and delete every partition except for your standard windows partition. Now you should have a formatless partion that says free space after it. Then select your windows partion and click resize. It will run an error check which may take a while depending on your partion size. Once that finishes type in the largest size in the prompt unless you have other plans for some of that space . Once you do that it will allocate all that space back to your primary partion. Next, if you installed grub the bootloader you will need to reset you mbr or else you can't boot up because grub will crash. To do this select you windows partion go to view mbr on the left. When in there select your windows partion and click std mbr. This will take grub off and set your mbr back to the way it was before. Click apply and the changes will be made. Then eject your media and use the file option at the top left to reboot. Your computer should restart normally into windows
That seemed to work well, thanks a ton man! Now I dont have to pay geek squad to fix my MBR yay!
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