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Full Version: File System Check Error
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Im fairly new to linux, Im doing it as a school project and have finally gotten around to installing it.. I did this yesterday and it was fine.. it booted, I was going through some things, and then I turned it off so I coudl go home.. I came in this morning and turned it on.. I got this message:

/dev/hda1 contains a file system with error, check forced.

It then tellsme there was an error during the file system check.. Huh? I dont know how to fix it, please help me!

btw, Ive got red hat 6 if that makes a difference
first of all how did you turn off your computer....
did you shut it down properly or just push the power button?
I didnt shut it down, someone else did.. I think he just pushed the power button.
if you do not shutdown the computer properly
it will do file system checks during the next boot up... have to be sure the system is shutdown properly each time

either by typing 'shutdown -h now' at the command line
or if you are using X...go to the start menu and
locate where you can reboot, logout , shutdown
and select shutdown and everything will be ok during
the next boot up
....In the meantime, if the filesystem contains errors you will most likely need to run fsck manually in order to fix them. On bootup, the system tells you that the filesystems were not properly un-mounted and that the check is forced. If it cannot fix the errors automatically, it will tell you that you need to run fsck manually, and it'll as you for your root password and dump you to your shell. When in your shell, go ahead and run fsck manually with "fsck /dev/hda1", when it's done, type "exit" and let the computer finish what it's doing.

On that note, it may be a good idea to have a look at installing a journalled filesystem like ext3 or reiserfs. These are nice because if your system shuts down un-nicely, it will just recover the journal instead of running fsck. However, this is no replacement for a proper shutdown. You should ALWAYS shutdown your computer properly, even if you had to hit Ctrl+Alt+Del.
Thanks!! It worked!
Ill remember to shut it down properly next time.. :-D
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