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Full Version: Tru64 to Linux char conversion
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I have a file thats created via Oracle8 on a Tru64 unix server. It contains "" chars, amongst others. The file is ftp'ed as ascii onto a proliant server running redhad linux for processing. The problem I have is that for some reason it converts the "" char to "?" while its being processed. I've found a workaround for this and thats to vi the file and <esc>:wq! (prior to being processed) without changing the file in any other way.

I've 4 questions surrounding this:
1) why does this happen?
2) What difference does a vi, <esc>:wq! make to the file?
3) Is there an easy way of scripting the vi, <esc>:wq!?
4) is there another way of working around this?

Thanks in advance for any help on this.
Just a thought - Make sure that you are transferring the file using the right mode (either ASCII or binary) - extended symbols can get muddled up if you pick the wrong one. (I dont think a sign is standard ASCII)

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