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Full Version: help me pleaase ;_;
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i bought a sata hd driver last month and i still haven't figured out how to have SUSE recognize it....the computer runs n' stuff but I can't install the os (SUSE) because it claims that their is no hard drive.(i've installed a few but i don't write that the problem? the suse book says i don't have to) am I just using a funky module??? or something?? can someone please help me??

(by the way, i didn't build the system, its just a sony vaio but the old hd went kuplunk and died [it sucked cause it was barely 13 months old])

an unusable desktop in my household means DOOM ;.;

oi oi

for my graphics card i have nvidia, but that shouldn't cause problems either, right??
oh ja, forgot one thing, my mother board doesn't have a sata port thing so i had to use a sata-ide converter to connect the stuff...still no problems...right?? iono ;
So why didn't you purchase a regular IDE drive instead of SATA?
Are you sure it was the hard drive that failed?
Does the computer BIOS recognize the drive?
Does the drive work?
the driver was purchased over a month ago so it can't be returned. besides, even with the adapter, its allot cheaper than what i could have purchased for a ide hd with the same amount of space.

i pressume bios recognizes the hd or else the computer wouldn't even be able to run since its the only hd connected to the motherboard. the problem is with SUSE recognizing it. i've installed a few drivers but still no recognition. if there's a good driver out there someone should give it to me. smile.gif
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