Hello, Im a bit new in the Linux world, but certainly not in the pc world. I know Vb, c++ (most opengl coding), html, php and some more... I started 1 week ago with Linux (SuSe 9.3), and it was great smile.gif, I need just to solve 1 thing before I stop using Windows: Internet. It did work with my old router, but it is broken now (worked for 1-2 days).. I have an USB modem now, E-tech ADSL, and works with Windows (im using this while im writing this biggrin.gif), but the problem is that I cant configer it with Linux. Can someone help me ? I tried most ways: system --> YaST, network cards... all dont work..

Please message me ([removed]).

E-Tech supports only Windows, or Mandrake 9.

Thank you for your time.

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