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Full Version: How to Change over from old version to New Version
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I had a linux system RedHat 6.0 on a P3 m/c. Now I want to setup new system with RHEL4 on a P4. Now my I want to transport all user and mail onto the new system. Just copying Password, shadow, ver/spool/mail etc will not help.

How to do this? Please help.


Yes..just copying the files will not help..

How about plugging your old harddrive in the new system and install precious RHEL4 on it. But don't do a re-install, try upgrading the OS.

However, i must warn you...Redhat-6.0 is very you upgrading to RHEL4 may cause some problems....
I have a question, sorry. smile.gif

Why will copying the users from /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow not work? As long as you create their home dirs, and set the permissions, it should work.

Same thing should go for system mail, shouldn't it? Much easier (and safer! smile.gif) than trying to upgrade RH6.0, I'd think.
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