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Full Version: k/ubuntu: Looking for stock kernel 2.4: Gcc4
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Having some more trouble with Kubuntu. ( still adapting from slackware )

I'm trying to update my Nvidia drivers from nvidia. Finding the default a bit slow with fps. but anyway. I download them and go to install the driver, but when it begins to make the kernel modules it warns me that my kernel was compiled with gcc 3.4 and im using 4.0. I bypass the warning, but I get an error. I tried uninstalling all the current compiler packages and then install 3.4. But it doesnt work out for me. if i run it then it doent recongnise what version of gcc I have. Weird.

Also im have troubles with alsa. Im using a Software sound card and cant remember how to set it up to handle many sounds at the same time ( xmms, amsn, and etc) Its a pain when only one application can use the sound card at a time. plus its slowing my system. If i run unreal It starts up with id say 10 max ftps and the sound Glitches like mad. after 5 mins it kicks in a full speed... many strange problems. Oh well this is the place! Im just happy in not worried about dependance problems yet (slackware caused me many tongue.gif )

Note: I mean't 2.6.12-10-K7 ,, not 2.4 : Typo
In K/Ubuntu, try this:

In /etc/apt/sources.list, enable the Universe repositories.

apt-get update
apt-cache search nvidia

You should see 'nvidia-glx' and 'nvidia-kernel' (or something similar).

Install these, they're the non-free 3D nvidia drivers.
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