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Full Version: First Timer Installation Problem
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Greetings! I am a noob. I have been reading about linux for the lst few months and this weekend, I thought I was finally ready to take the plunge. I backed up all my data and downloaded the iso and install files I thought I would need and made an install CD with the latest Ark Linux iso (ArkLinux-2005.2).

I started the installation and everything seems ok. I got to where I choose my language and then select the install type. The one I pick is the one that says "System Installation"--it replaces everything on all partitions. It's supposed to even repartition and reformat everything for you... Anyway, as soon as I click the install, I get an error:



Then it ejects the CD and reboots.

I checked the MD5sum on the iso and it matched. I thought maybe there was a problem with my CD (I used Nero to make it). So I downloaded the latest 2006 arklinux, checked the sums, and made a new CD. Started the install, and I ran into the exact same problem!

Is it my hardware? I have:

Pentium 4 1.9 GHz 32-bit Socket 478 CPU
2 GB PC 2100 SD RAM
Tyan Trinity 510 - S2266 Motherboard w/ D850GB 400 MHz Bus chipset
Western Digital 40 GB IDE Hard Drive
Seagate 80 GB IDE Hard Drive
Soundblaster Audigy Soundcard
nVidia GeForce3 TI 200 AGP 4X Video Card
Please help!

I did some searching and discovered that a few others had this problem with the older versions of this install when they chose a language other than english. but i am choosing english...

my wife is getting on to me

if i dont get this up and running soon, ill have to go back to winders--NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo
biggrin.gif Wooo hooooo!


Someone told me that they had heard of a weird conflict in the installation with both a WD and a Seagate HD installed at the same time. So I unplugged one of the drives and it worked!

I'm in business!
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