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Full Version: Should I choose windows over Linux?
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I have been doing a lot of checking into the linux OS. My question at this point is should I change from Windows. From what I have heard is that Linux is better then windows in some ways not to mention cheaper. I have an older system and have had nothing but problems with XP the entire time I have had it. My biggest concern with Linux is the compatibility. I have netzero for accelorated dial up and the only linux version it seems to be compatible with is Lindows. I also use Yahoo messenger alot and it is compatible with a different kind of Linux. If I can't use netzero then I can't connect to the internet. There aren't alot of other choices for interenet in my area so it is really not an option to change ISPs. Will I beable to use both Netzero and Yahoo even though they are for different versions of Linux. There are so many different kinds of linux and everything I need seems to have downloads for a different linux version but they have versions for linux in general. Can someone please help me?
There are plenty of Linux alternative for Yahoo., many of which can also connect to MSN, AOL etc. at the same time.

As for internet, it is not your ISP that matters - It is the hardware that you have.

Pick a well supported distribution like Mandriva and you shouldn't find much sftware that isnt available to you - Once you get the hang of things then you will also be able to "compile" most software from the source code, and not need to rely on prebuilt packages.

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