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Full Version: Video Artifacts with Kubuntu
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Hey Guys,

Just done an install of Kubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger). I'm Pretty impressed with it so far but im noticing small artifacs that travel down the screen. There barly noticible but there. Now I also have XP on the system as well and I ran a few games after I noticed it, just to see if my video card was over heating or etc. Ive never ran across this before. has anyone else seen it?
IF theyre not ther in XP, then it might be a refresh rate problem (sometimes the electron guns get out of sync, and miss the holes in the shadow mask if the frequency is too high)

Thanks DS2K3, I think thats accually whats happening, Lowering the Refresh rate does fix my monitor. But since I got the nvidia drivers working again the problem disapeared. Only was like it with nv and vesa. Thanks for the knowlege.
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